4 ways to boost your body confidence
More often than not we think about the negatives: what we look like and what we don’t have. Only now are we starting to see a change in the world – a love for all body shapes, sizes, colours and abilities! When your app has body confidence and feeling good about yourself at its heart, you learn a thing or two about what it takes to get there. Here are four things you can do to jump on the bandwagon and start loving your body.

Treat your body like your best friend 

Checking your inner voice is everything when it comes to turning your confidence around. Many of us find ourselves nitpicking ourselves and our bodies without even realising. We see someone at the gym and think “Oof, I don’t look like her...”, or looking at things we want on Instagram thinking “I don’t have this...". But really, that perfect thing, life, person or body shape doesn’t exist. No matter who you’re comparing yourself to, you’re only seeing a tiny piece of what’s happening. You never know what’s going on behind the scenes.

👉🏽 When your inner voice starts comparing your body to others, ask yourself: Would you talk about your best friend’s body like that? Even better: What would you do if you heard someone else saying it? This is your opportunity to start calling out your inner narrative and complimenting your body instead!

Challenge yourself. Turn “I don’t look like her.” into "She's got the kind of body I want – but I'm well on my way to getting there!". Or even, “She's looking amazing today, and so am I 💅🏾”

Tammy has always worked so hard on maintaining her physique, however she still has her own imperfections that she loves. 

“Whether you have stretch marks or loose skin, just know that there's nothing wrong with it. It shows what your body has been through, so you should choose to embrace it."

Cut out negativity  

Once you’ve done this in your own thoughts, it’s time to look at everything else. Steer clear of everyone who tries to put you down. If you have ‘friends’ and family that only have negative things to say that hurt you, set healthy boundaries and look out for yourself. When you surround yourself with those who support you and only want the best for you, there shouldn’t be any pressure to look or feel a certain way, because you’re accepted for exactly who you are. 

It's safe to say that people who project negativity are insecure in themselves, and are in a space where they feel like they need to drag you down with them. Reserving your energy for friends who can be honest with you, but don't put you down will give you a major confidence boost. We all need someone to hype us up on a bad day. It’s also such a good feeling to be this kind of friend to others!!


Make healthy goals

It is beyond important to feel positive about your body. For some of us, this comes from feeling strong and fit. You set goals and reach for the stars not because there’s something about you that needs to be ‘better’ or ‘fixed’, but because pushing yourself, prioritising yourself and taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle naturally boosts your self-esteem and happiness.

Exercise is a major mood booster, and it’s really hard to feel bad about your body after smashing a workout! Motivation can be hard, but you can make it easier by finding the kind of workout that appeals to you. Whether this is a class, or even doing an 8-week challenge with your friends... don’t confine yourself. Branch out!

There is no room for low self-esteem when you are working on your health and a better you.

Think about your relationship with social media  

Scrolling through IG, it’s easy to forget what's healthy, and aspire to super unrealistic goals for ourselves. The images that we expose ourselves to can teach us to try to hide our flaws at all costs instead of embracing them.

You deserve to accept and appreciate your body. Know when it’s time to take a break from social media every so often or curate your feed so it's serving you better. Follow people working on their best selves, people who love who they are, and people who are real. Unfollow creators of content that makes you feel like you’re not enough. There's nothing wrong with working your angles and living your best life online – but we all relate to what we see differently, so it's up to you to reflect on what's serving you and what isn't. It’s just another way of surrounding yourself with what’s good for you. 

🎧 Want some more tips and advice about how to rock your body confidence? Tammy and her sisters did a Hanging with the Hembrows podcast about overcoming insecurities, including advice they would give to their younger selves. You can listen to it here🎧