BCCAs, Proteins & Supplements
Knowing when and what to take when working out can be really difficult to figure out. Here we have a list of the most common supplements that can potentially maximise your gains and energise your workouts.

Unless you have a particular illness, a nutritional/hereditary problem, or are required by a doctor to take a supplement, NONE of them are requirements. However, if you are considering taking them, finding information can sometimes be difficult. So here we have a bunch of info about the most popular supplements in our experience and research. And if you are unsure, always feel free to reach out to your GP!



Taken pre-workout (hence the name), pre-workout helps to increase performance during your workout sessions. It can help energy, stamina, strength and endurance. Pre-workout acts as a great “kick in the butt” for those early morning workouts or for a boost of energy to kill your afternoon/night pump.


▪️Increased blood flow to the muscles

▪️Improved focus and concentration

▪️Steady and sustained energy boost

When – 20/30 mins before your workout.

How – Mix suggested serving size (different with every brand) with water in a shaker/stir with a spoon in a glass.



BCAA’s or branched chain amino acids are classified as essential amino acids and are involved in muscle building, energy production and increasing various metabolic processes.


▪️Can assist with weight loss and creating lean mass

▪️Strength booster

▪️May improve endurance

▪️Potential to improve immune system

When – before, during or after your workout to activate your muscles into gain mode.

How – 5g-9g mixed with at least 400ml of water & shake well in a shaker (dosage may vary – check brand recommendation)


🌟Whey Protein

The myth behind protein powder is that it’ll make you buff, but this isn’t true!! Protein powder plays a critical role in many female body functions from regulation of tissues and organs, cells production and lean muscle regeneration. 


▪️Encourage weight loss

▪️Assists in muscle growth and maintenance

▪️Assists in rapid repair of muscles

▪️Increases building of lean muscle = increases body’s ability to burn fat

▪️Contributes to healthy hair, skin and nails

▪️Simple and convenient way to add extra protein into your diet

When – morning, post workout or as a snack.

How – mix recommended serving with water or milk of choice & shake well (depending on brand). Add into a smoothie for a great mid-morning/afternoon snack.



Did you know collagen can completely bump up your gym game? Collagen is a key component for structural support of our bodies and is the perfect recovery protein which helps build and repair any muscles under stress during exercise.


▪️Muscle repair and restoration

▪️Can speed up injury recovery time

▪️May prevent injury by strengthening joints and ligaments

▪️Ideal source of protein and essential amino acids

When – anytime of the day.

How – mix recommended serving (depending on the brand) and add to anything … water, coffee, smoothie or any other drink during the day.


We get asked so many questions about taking protein and supplements while pregnant but it's always best to check with your doctor before consuming.

Tammy's athlete series with Women's Best is always a good place to check out if you're looking at where to start! 


xx the Tammy Fit Team