Adding resistance to your workouts

I designed these booty bands myself after not being able to find anything with the strength and quality that I was looking for.  They're 100% natural latex, custom-made to my personally chosen specs, and will take your booty workout to the next level


Booty bands are the evolution of resistance workouts, perfect for targeting the lower body and core. They come in higher resistances to activate glutes, hips, quads, and hamstrings. Resistance bands are one of the best ways to activate your muscles and work best with squat pulses, donkey kicks, lunges and hip abductions. They're the perfect compact tool to take your current exercises to the next level at home or at the gym. 

Three colours = three resistance levels.

“The Booty Bands are amazing! Coming from someone who is definitely more quad dominant, they are so so good for isolating glutes” - @jaimievickersfitness

“I love the Booty Bands; they don’t roll up whatsoever. The grey is the perfect medium stretch and the black is a real booty burner. Highly recommend” - @laurenmanicaro_

Make sure you're increasing the intensity and upping the resistance when exercises start getting easy. Booty band and bodyweight exercises are a great place to start if you're brand new to working out and even more so if you're stuck in iso! It's time to start adding resistance to your workouts to achieve those booty gains. Be sure to grab yours before they are sold out! 


xx The Tammy Fit Team