Jumping back into the gym after quarantine
With restrictions lifting and gyms opening, we all have the chance to jump back into a new normal, meaning social distancing, increased hygiene measures and limitations on class sizes are all worth it. 

Now if you have been able to keep up your training intensity during this time, that’s awesome, and what we are talking about may not apply to you. But I would argue that the majority of us, even with the best intentions, might not have been exercising at the same intensity in which we left our gyms. If you jump back in too fast, at too furious of an intensity, you could find yourself with far worse than a case of sore muscles – and maybe even lose your breakfast during a workout.   

As you make your way back into your gym, here are four helpful tips that will aid in keeping you safe and free from injury so you don’t get knocked out for another couple of months. 


1. Reset your mindset. The most important step in getting back to your previous fitness level is being okay with not being at your previous fitness level. Find the little victories and be proud of them as you continue to ramp back up to previous intensities. 


2. Start slowly and add gradually. Stave off injuries by starting slow and adding intensity progressively throughout the first 8–10 sessions back. Starting off too heavy or too fast can lead to physical injuries as well as emotional setbacks.


3. Warm up and prepare your body. Take the time to properly warm up and prepare yourself for the work at hand. Consider this as part of your workout and you are more likely to complete it every time; don’t treat it as an option that is nice to do if you have the time. Make time! 


4. Hydrate and recover. Don’t wait until midway through a training session to start fluid intake and be sure to cool down. These will help with soreness and increase mobility while slowing down your mind to focus on the victories you just grabbed in the workout.



xx The Tammy Fit Team