Decompressing after a stressful day

Life can get pretty jam-packed with activities, meetings, social events, emails, phone calls and messages. Sometimes it's super easy to maintain calm and focus in the midst of a workday, but sometimes it puts our abilities to a test. After all of that, it's important to decompress. We have a number of tried-and-true methods that may work for you and help drastically drop your stress levels. 

Here's what might work for you:


💖 Deep breathing. Unoriginal, but needed. Take a deep breath. Hold it. Then let it out slowing. Feel the tension and stress flowing out of you with your breath. Repeat 3-10 times. 

💖 Take a walk. Even in the middle of the stress, take a 5 minute walk wherever you are. It's a great way of letting go of tension and allowing yourself to re-focus. Even a couple jumps up and down and shake to relax your body from the heaviness weighing on your shoulders.

💖 Meditate. For as long as you can, sit somewhere quiet, close your eyes, relax, and focus on your breathing. Concentrate on it coming into your body, and then going out. Acknowledge the thoughts that pop into your head and allow them to leave before focusing again on your breathing. 

💖 Self-massage. Give your shoulder, neck, head and lower back a quick massage. Another great way is to tense up and relax each muscle in your body, one at a time, starting from your toes to your head. 

💖 Get outdoors. Just being outside can be beyond calming. Connect with the nature around you, stretch, yawn and take some deep breaths. 

💖 Read. A good page-turner is perfect to engross you completely and take your mind off everything. 

💖 Take a nap. Simple, yet effective. It is one of our favourites. Just a 30-minute nap, and you're set. It's like a restart button for the rest of your day. 

💖 Disconnect. Turn off the phones, computers and the outside world for a little bit. Even if you listen to a podcast or some music. The use of our devices can sometimes stress us out more than me think. 

💖 Love. Yes, it's a cliche. But sometimes just some time with a friend, your kids, your partner or pet is all you need. A cuddle or a laugh and it can make you forget about what's going on. 


A few deep breaths and a hug isn't going to cure anything but it might just help you get through a stressful day and allow you to debunk the stress later on. Always look out for yourselves and put yourself first!




xx the Tammy Fit team