Everything you wanted to know about the Tammy Fit app: WORKOUTS AND PROGRAMS
Here are the top questions I get asked about the workouts and programs in my app.


Q1 How heavy should I be lifting?

To build muscle, you need to really challenge yourself and build strength. Everybody’s different, but it’s important to use a weight that makes it difficult to finish the last few reps. For example, if it says to complete 8-10 reps of an exercise, and you can do 10 or more without much difficulty, it’s time to increase the weight. 

Another thing to watch here is your mind-muscle connection. For me, this is one of the most important factors when it comes to seeing results and growth with any workout. Mind-muscle connection is all about learning to control your muscles, so that during each exercise you’re really focusing on contracting the particular muscle you are trying to grow. At the same time, you’re consciously allowing your other muscles to take a ‘back seat’.

I have a bunch of different stretches in the workouts section, which you should be doing alongside this – it’s important to help your muscles recover faster. There are also warmups and cooldowns included in my boxing workouts.


Q2 Are there any workouts I can do with a friend or my partner?

We have both beginner and intermediate boxing workouts especially for partners in the app. 

I also do a lot of the regular workouts with Starlette all of the time. Even the ones with machines: you can just take turns during each others’ rest times.


Q3 What’s the difference between doing individual workouts and doing a program?

Essentially, my workouts are one-off sessions that you can do at any time. My programs are 8-week-long workout schedules. My booty programs are three days a week, and so is post-pregnancy. My full-body workouts for home and gym are five days a week.

Programs give you consistency, and takes the work out of deciding which workout to do each day – leaving you to focus your energy on showing up and getting it done! 👏 

If you have a specific goal in mind, choosing a program and making that commitment to achieving that goal can be really motivating. The consistency of programs also makes it easier to monitor your progress. When returning to similar exercises, you’ll be able to notice yourself getting stronger and feel the results as you go.

A lot of people like the variety of choosing their workout each time they arrive at the gym, so that option is always available too with my individual workouts for booty, abs, upper body, HIIT, boxing and more. I also like to stack workouts together.


Q4 Can I do both?

Of course. Some programs (e.g. gym booty) are three days a week. If you’re up to it, I’d definitely recommend doing other workouts in the app that focus on different muscle groups on your rest days. If you’re on my iPhone app, your diary will even suggest them for you.

For example: If you are trying to lose weight while shaping your booty, I’d recommend completing 1-2 of my HIIT sessions a week in partnership with one of my booty programs. Just pop into the HIIT workout and swipe to begin.


Q5 What do I do when my program is finished?

When you finish any program, I’d first recommend taking a moment to reflect on your results, mentally and physically. All of my programs are designed as consistent exercise routines that you can restart from the beginning, if their focus is what you’d like to continue with. Just pop into 'workouts', leave the program and select it again.

You'll also notice I've included some staple exercises multiple times throughout the program. These are all my favorite exercises that I do to see results in any workout.


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