Feature Blog: Kelsi Boocock, owner of Healthy Kelsi
Kelsi is the owner of Healthy Kelsi and we recently fell in love with her mouth watering recipes on her IG page. Kelsi has created 2 AMAZING healthy treats that are now in the healthy treats section in the TF app. In light of this we wanted to hear about Kelsi’s health and fitness journey through quarantine and how she went from a professional swimmer to a huge foodie!

My name is Kelsi Boocock, I’m from a small town just north of Auckland, New Zealand. I was a competitive swimmer until a few years ago which taught me so much and allowed me to travel to some amazing places. Growing up, I was lucky enough that my family loves not only eating but eating healthy, nutritious food. When I finished high school, I decided to study a bachelor of Retail Business Management as it worked well with being an athlete. It wasn’t long after I finished my degree that I realised my passion was cooking and making people happy through my love of food. 2020 was meant to be the year of big overseas experiences. That clearly couldn’t happen so I decided I really wanted to try to start doing something I love. During lockdown here in NZ I decided to start up an Instagram page @healthykelsii and website www.healthykelsi.co.nz where I post deliciously healthy plant-based recipes.

Bounty Slice

I absolutely love my gym and missed it a lot during lockdown, but I’ve also been loving changing up my exercise routine over the past month. I’m that weird person that genuinely looks forward to doing exercise every day, I grew up as a competitive swimmer and I think when I quit swimming I realized how important moving your body was and how fun exercise could be without it being so strict. I never want to limit myself to be good at one form of activity because I think it is important not only for our bodies but for our minds to try new things.

When I was swimming I was always self-conscious of being ‘too muscly’ or ‘too strong’ and it’s so funny now because I think there’s nothing cooler than being strong and having the ability to do any form of activity you like. I’ve been really trying to focus on mobility and working my core and smaller muscles to avoid injury (I did a half marathon a few months ago without training and my hamstrings been a bit niggly ever since.) so no running for me during lockdown… However, I’ve loved incorporating more Pilates, HIIT, boxing and even just more walking and biking to my everyday routine. 

Baked Carrot Cake Donuts

I’ve never been much of a planner when it comes to exercise, I just do whatever I feel like doing on the day. It’s been fun isolating with my family as most of us love exercise in the morning (the others we force to join anyway.) I’ve been using the Tammy Fit app for a few months now and it’s been perfect for maintaining muscle when I couldn’t access a gym. I’m at the point now where I really can’t be bothered to make up my own sessions so the app has been great for motivating me to actually move my body, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Food has always been a big part of my life as I love to cook and create new recipes and by using the Tammy Fit app has allowed me to have a healthy balance between food and exercise. 

Lockdown for me actually changed my life for the better as some incredible opportunities came out of it. The time spent at home really made me determined to succeed at something I love doing. I’ve created some really delicious sweet treats for the Tammy Fit app including baked carrot cake donuts and a raw bounty slice. I think including sweet treats into your life is an important part of maintaining a healthy balanced diet, I’ve always enjoyed eating food that makes me happy and I’m now lucky enough that the food that makes me happy also nourishes my body. 

I think the most important thing at the moment isn’t to be the ‘skinniest’ or the ‘strongest’ you’ve ever been but trying to be as healthy as you can be and most importantly be as happy as you can be. Regular, moderate intensity exercise is beneficial for your immunity. So, don’t go crazy but if you’re lucky enough to be safe at home - definitely get outside and move your body every day.


Be sure to check out Kelsi’s socials to fall in love with her recipes just as much as we did!


Insta: @healthykelsii

Website: www.healthykelsi.co.nz




Xx The Tammy Fit Team