Focusing on you: mental & physical health

In light of R U OK? Day, we wanted to take the time to focus on mental health. We take a lot of time to finesse our physical health, but it is crucial to prioritize your mental health equally, if not more. Although R U Ok? Day is an amazing national day of action and a much-needed prompt to check in, we need to think about this everyday not just once a year. Checking in on yourself and those who are important around you will make a big difference to your day to day.

Make sure to simply ask yourself, your family and your friends "how are you?", "is there anything you need help with"... or simply just "are you ok?". It takes one second, but it can make a huge difference to someone who might be feeling stuck, alone, upset or just flat. It allows you to be present with yourself, focus on what is challenging you and ensure you are doing okay.

Recognising the signs someone or yourself is struggling, feeling comfortable with asking if they’re right and feeling safe to share our feelings will create pathways towards a safe and positive tomorrow. We can all relate to feeling down sometimes. It's human to feel a little down! What's important is how you handle it & what you do to prep yourself up again. And not just you, those around you as well. 


The mind is a powerful thing. Just when we think we've lost all control; we have to strengthen up & take the reins with both hands! When we are weak, we need to push hard to become strong again. Learning to cope with many different emotions is tricky but far from impossible. 

Yes, R U OK? Day is a great day to step up and ask R U OK? However, checking in with those around us is something that we should be striving to do on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis. Whether the conversation is about asking R U OK or whether it is about an unrelated but equally important issue, we should all be making use of the advice offered by the R U OK? team to improve the meaningfulness and impact of our conversations in the workplace and the wider world.


xx the Tammy Fit Team