#HangingWithTheHembrows Podcast Recap: Being your own boss
Let’s talk business! Tammy, Amy and Emilee sat down in a recent podcast to chat about what it’s like to run multiple businesses – from starting out, making mistakes, learning lessons, money and growth to advice for new business owners. Here’s a roundup of their insights:

🎧 Find the podcast here + Tammy's BTS vlog of the first podcast here.

In the beginning:

Starting up a business is hard! But with the right motivation you can start with anything. The cultivation of independence and agency within yourself is what it truly means to be your own boss. Your potential is limitless and you’ll realise your own self-worth. 

“You need to motivate yourself every day. You are your own boss and don’t have anyone to make you put in the work.” – Emilee 

The key to starting your business is the passion you have for your business and everything within. When you build a business from scratch, it will take up your whole life and you will live and breathe it.

As a business owner you will be deciding on the ins and outs of your business. Knowledge is power here and you will be able to reflect on how things are going rather than putting out fires and doing it all yourself. Whether this is hiring employees or partnering with experts, it is crucial so you are able to focus on what you do best. 

“I did not want to delegate, and it got very overwhelming. Employees were exactly what I needed.” – Tammy

To create Tammy Fit Tammy teamed up with:

✨ digital venture studio, Josephmark, 

✨ a team of leading nutritionists,

✨ other fitness professionals like boxing instructor Ryan Evers.

With a team to design, build and grow the app, and a nutrition team to co-create nutrition plans just like her own, Tammy has been able to focus on fitness – connecting with her fans and building programs that help people around the world reach their fitness goals. 


Mistakes & lessons learned:

Without mistakes you will not learn or grow. They are inevitable. Be prepared for issues to pop up and dive head first into fixing them.

“If you work in retail production, there will always be mistakes… stuff happens and you need to take it on the chin.” – Amy

“In the very beginning when we were figuring things out, I didn’t have a contract with my manufacturer which often led to too much of the wrong product… contracts and the legal side are very important when you start a business.” – Emilee

Reach out to the right people for advice, ask questions and develop a greater understanding of any aspects you're not an expert in.

Making money:

The key is to invest responsibly, have a good relationship with your investors and partners, as well as making sure you have a strong business plan and understand your money flow. 

“There is no right way of accumulating money. It depends on the business and your situation.” – Amy 

“When you are borrowing money, be sure to have a business plan so you know where the money is from and when it needs to be paid back.” – Emilee 


Growing the business:

The power of social media allows businesses to advertise their products to a wider audience and reach their target market. 

“Paid advertising is great  to reach new target audiences and test the market to see where the best place to advertise is.” – Amy 

The platforms allow you to discover statistics and insights about viewers as well as the demographics that are the most suitable for your brand. 

“Utilising social media and Instagram was the best way to grow my businesses. Even if you don’t have a huge following, it is the best way to reach new customers.” – Tammy  


Advice for new business owners: 

“Have drive and passion for your business. If you enjoy it, you will want to work, and it won’t even feel like a job.” – Emilee 

“Don't be afraid to take the leap. You will never know how the business could turn out until you give it a go.” – Tammy 

“Be willing to put in the work.” – Amy 


The Hembrow sisters are a great business success story and there is so much to be learned from their journey. 

If you remember one thing from the podcast, make it this: although it is hard, running your own business is beyond rewarding. Tammy, Amy and Emilee's personal experiences within their industries show that all you need is:

👉 a good idea,

👉 a good team, and

👉 the passion, hard work, commitment and willpower to follow through.


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