Why “wellness” should have a place in your life, always

Saturday the 13th of June is Global Wellness Day. It’s a day dedicated to living well, focusing on the value of our lives, reflection, freedom, peace and motivation. For us, this doesn't mean tapping out and ignoring the issues around you. It means mindfully stepping back and finding your centre so you can participate in the chaos of life in a more productive, healthy way – whatever the world is throwing at you right now.

Wellness is all about becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life. It’s a dynamic of change and growth focused on health, happiness, and prosperity. 

“Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – The World Health Organization.


How should we practice living well in our day-to-day?

Adding meditation and stretches into your life carries numerous benefits that help you to process your emotions more effectively, and embrace a more tranquil mindset. They also include physical health benefits, like reducing stress hormone levels, boosting sleep quality, and lowering blood pressure. 

Building and sticking to healthy habits is crucial to redirecting your attitude from negativity, but we all know that’s not as easy as it seems. By generating your own healthy habits, we help ourselves and those around us stay positive and enjoy the life we are living. It means making a conscious decision to engage in activities and behaviours you might have been putting off.

Creating these habits can be easier than you'd think. Start by breaking down big habits into smaller ones: whether that is going to the gym once this week, or skipping that soft drink you have every day in favour of lemon water or a green smoothie. Slowly changing your routine in small ways will positively impact your day to day life, allowing you to feel that improvement and reward yourself more often. This wellness journey is a process of searching for the right tools to continue your growth and development in happiness and health.

Small steps to evolve your wellness, starting today:

🌟 Walk for an hour, and leave your phone behind.

🌟 Drink more water today – even just a glass more than usual!

🌟 Implement one strategy in your life to use sustainable packaging. e.g. No more plastic bottles.

🌟 Eat something healthy, and make it yourself.

🌟 Do a good deed for a friend, or a stranger.

🌟 Plan a family dinner with your loved ones.

🌟 Sleep at 10pm tonight – and wind down for an hour before that.

Don't put pressure on yourself to implement all these steps at once – picking your favourites and taking them on one by one is the best approach to help them stick.

Global Wellness Day is the perfect opportunity to begin integrating more wellness-based activities into your daily life. Achieving little things like this will have you feeling good both mentally and physically, which can be the first steps towards meeting your bigger personal and professional goals.

Finding time for wellness can sometimes be a challenge – but by taking these beginner steps and using Global Wellness Day to take them together, we can all create that space for ourselves.

Happy Global Wellness Day!




xx The Tammy Fit Team