How long should I rest between sets?
The generic rest time for strength training has always been 20-60 seconds, which is great for most people. However, the more precise recommendation relies on your goals and you don't really need to rest the more you lift.

Here is what you need to know about rest intervals based on the goals you are trying to achieve. 


Toning, losing weight & endurance training.

⭐️ 20 - 60 seconds 

⭐️ If your goal is set to “lose” you are aiming to keep your rest period to a minimum to allow for a little breather while keeping your heart rate elevated.


Building strength.

⭐️ 2 - 5 minutes

⭐️ Allowing for more of a significant rest time between sets when your goal is set to “maintain”, enables muscles to replenish the energy they need for contraction and allow the nervous system to recover.


Growing muscles. 

⭐️ 1 minute

⭐️ If your goal is set to “gain” and you’re looking to increase the size of your muscles, pausing longer than 60 seconds can affect the metabolic stress aspect of training. It can also slow down the process of potential muscle growth.


Perfecting form.

⭐️ 3 minutes

⭐️ A whole 180 seconds of rest allows more time and energy to focus on more on completely mastering the movement you’re focusing on.


If you're just starting out. 

⭐️ Take your time & don't rush!

⭐️ As a newbie, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Take appropriate rest periods between sets without completely lowering your heart rate and body temperature to its resting state. In this first phase of your fitness journey you’ll discover your limits and will begin to understand what rest period best suits your ability. 


Strength training can be hard so be sure to set your goals and find what will suit you. First and foremost, look after your body!




xx the Tammy Fit team