How to kick off a nutritious year that sticks
Jess and Chelsea from Tammy’s nutrition team have five tips to kick off a clean 2020.



Pair consistency with variety for a diet that sticks.

Getting the right balance of macronutrients to fuel your workouts is a must – but allowing room to eat adventurously, explore new recipes and be flexible with your eating is important too! Allowing for variety can be the key to finding a healthy diet that sticks. Jess lives by the PFF rule:  

🍳Protein – through food and supplements (see Tammy’s Women’s Best edit)

🍣 Fats – healthy ones, of course! Chelsea’s picks: salmon and macadamia nuts.

🥦Fiber-rich carbs – in the form of veggies and whole grains, or pulses if you’re GF.


Find meals that are easy, quick and preppable.

“I like to roast a few sheet pans of veggies, prep a protein and make sure I have condiments or hand. From this I can make a salad, grain bowl, tacos, or stuffed sweet potato in under 10 minutes.” - Jess

Spending even an hour at the start of each week prepping ingredients, pre-cooking or even planning your week of meals can be the difference between sticking to your guns and slipping into unhealthy eating. The Tammy Fit meal plans, which give you weekly shopping lists and pre-count your calories for you – taking care of all of the organisation, and leaving room for you to stick to your goals.


Add plant-based meals to your week. 

“The more colour you can incorporate the better. Try adding veggies to every meal.” – Chelsea

Greens are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet – choc-full of fiber, they encourage growth of good bacteria in our digestive tract. This is essential for so many things, from reducing inflammation and improving digestion, to reducing bloating and boosting your energy. Vegetables are everything.


 You can’t out-train a poor diet. 

“Honestly, food is the most important component when it comes to getting fit. I’d say 80/20 nutrition and working out. You could work out non stop, but if your diet is bad you’re not going to see the results you want. Period.” – Tammy

The food you eat is what fuels your workout, giving you the energy to lift weights and build muscle – and bounce back from each workout ready for the next one. 


A healthy diet starts with a healthy mindset.

“I’m not a fan of “cheat meals”,  “cheat foods” or anything labeled “guilt free”. When we stop labeling foods as “bad”, there’s less of a desire to binge. Also, choosing to indulge in a treat once in a while isn’t going to derail your efforts. Just jump right back to your healthy eating routine and leave any guilt behind. A healthy lifestyle isn't all or nothing. It's about finding a balance with your lifestyle in the season of life you’re in.” – Jess

The key is to focus less on labels and more on foods that make you feel your best. 

🍏 Chelsea and Jess have helped create the vegetarian, vegan, regular and gluten-free meal plans in the Tammy Fit app. Download your free trial for iPhone or Android to check them out.