My new upper body circuit: How to make it easier, or harder.
For some people, upper-body workouts are comfort-zone. But for others, they're a struggle. I want to make my new circuit work for you no matter where you're at, so you can sculpt and strengthen your arms.





Easy version

Run this circuit twice through to start, focusing on your form, and quality over quantity.


💪Push Up (10 reps): Knees on the ground, and lower yourself half way as you work your way up to a push up. 


💪Front Raise (12 reps): Activate your abs, so you're not just using your arms but your whole upper body.


💪Dumbbell Tricep Extension (12 reps) + Side Lateral Raise (10 reps): Start light, then up your weights as soon as you get the hang of it!


Tammy doing a dumbbell tricep dip.

Hard version

Run this circuit three times through, but add another if you're not fatigued at the end.


💪💪Push Up (12 reps): Elevate your feet on a stable surface to level up.


💪💪For the dumbbell exercises: Up your weights. If you're without equipment, this might mean replacing water-bottle dumbbells with bags of something heavier, and taking it from there.




You can find my upper body circuit in the app – if you're on your phone and you've already got the app, open the workout here


Let me know how you go! x TH