#HangingWithTheHembrows Podcast Highlights: Health & fitness for 2020
Have you been listening to Tammy, Emilee and Amy’s podcast? Recently they chatted about Health & Fitness For the New Year – here were the highlights:


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Tammy’s top booty exercise is...

A barbell thrust – her PB is 100kg.

Emilee’s favourite: Cable kickbacks, closely followed by machine-free exercises like squats, donkey kicks and lunges.


Emilee has a fitness journey of her own

After focusing on weight loss and losing 17kgs really quickly in a six-month period, Emilee went through a mindset change to pivot toward focusing on healthiness – and you can see the difference. She is super comfy with her body now, and loves the TammyFit meal plans  

“I don’t feel hard on myself when I can’t get to the gym as much as I’d like to – the kids really wear me out. I do like to do classes when I go to the gym to stay motivated. When you’re in a class, you can’t just walk out so I’d suggest that option when you’re not the most motivated.”


Get your mind right

Tammy found meditation after high school after finding an app on her phone – she also completed a teacher training course in yoga: “I knew my life wasn’t how I wanted it to be, and I knew I needed to do something different. I knew that I needed to not just be healthy physically, but [care for] my mental health as well.”

“I think the correlation is there between mental health and fitness, and I think that’s what really impacted you,” said Amy.


Tammy learned a lot about nutrition after having Wolf

“After I had Wolf I was determined to get super fit – I learned that you actually have to eat quite a lot to get fit and healthy," said Tammy. 


What keeps Tammy motivated?

Tammy’s main motivator is how she feels when she doesn’t exercise and isn’t eating well. “When I don’t do those things, I feel so much worse”, she says. “I’m more tired, I just don’t feel good.”

“I can’t even think straight”, said Emilee.


Baby steps

Tammy’s pregnancy workout advice for Amy: “When you’re pregnant, don’t try new workouts as soon as you’re pregnant – it’s not the time to be pushing yourself.”

When Amy does work out, she used Tammy’s home workouts rather than going to the gym – and also takes her dogs for long walks. She also revealed the gender of her baby: a little girl!


Tammy’s on top of her fitness game 

...and her fans have been super supportive of her journey.

“I’ve gained quite a bit of weight in the last year – I’m a bit more curvy now, but I’m happy and comfortable with where I’m at.”




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