i=Change x Tammy Fit: Shopping with a purpose
Tammy Fit have partnered with i=Change to donate $1 for every purchase on our website and you can choose where it goes!

"At Tammy Fit, we believe every woman deserves the best chance in life. Through i=Change and our Tammy Fit community, we’re committed to supporting three life-changing projects. This gives us the chance to give back to those who need it most." – Tammy Hembrow

Tammy and the TF team are super excited to be able to use our platform to speak to our audience, as well as reach and encourage continuing support towards three projects that mean so much to us. Being able to choose which project our customers donate to through the purchase of program PDFs, booty bands or the Tammy Fit app becomes so much more powerful and it goes far beyond the products. We are so happy that we can be this transparent in real time on the i=change website and show our support. 

We are committed to our community and regularly supporting those who need it the most. If we continue to take a stance and create awareness for the struggles women and children around us with every purchase, we can continue to grow a supportive community to thrive for years to come. 

When making your Tammy Fit purchases, you can choose from these three empowering charities to donate to:

End Violence Against Women
Impact: $1 = helps Papua New Guinean women rebuild their lives and live free of violence.
Prevent Women Dying
Impact: $25 = supports researchers to uncover new drug targets for chemo-resistant breast cancer.
Help Kids With Cancer 
Impact: $33 = provides a support session for a sick child with an oncology social worker. 

We love partnering with i=Change and you can be guaranteed that your donation reaches the charity in full. We have more projects to come and can’t wait to see the change we can make together!




The Tammy Fit Team xx