It's not too late to kick start your 2020 goals

I want to use self-isolation as an opportunity talk to you guys about goal setting, reaching your goals and staying on track no matter what.

It's never too late to meet your goals, even with everything that's going on. In fact, setting them now will be even better than having done it straight after new years like we normally tend to. You now know that there are going to be a bunch of curveballs, and are more capable of working around them.

If you're socially isolating, going through upheaval or just feeling a little lost, I want you to use this opportunity to refresh your mental health by refreshing your goals for the year. Here's how:


Write them down.

I think a really important thing is to write your goals down and say them out loud. Writing them down physically can engrain them in your mind. Be as specific as you can, e.g. exactly how many books you want to read, rather than just 'read more'. The key to manifesting these goals is to have that clearly defined for yourself, so no matter how chaotic life gets, they stay clear.

When you’re done with your goals, write down the actual steps you need to do to get there. If you don’t know what the steps are, that’s cool. Your first step is to find out.

Keep your goals front and centre. Keep yourself accountable.

Some places where you can put your goals: The screensaver on your phone. Your bathroom mirror. Sharing them out loud to the people closest to you. I know Amy has a notes doc in her phone and Emilee leaves little sticky notes for herself around the house – and it really works.

Start now.

I believe in manifestation and the law of attraction – but manifesting doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t willing to do the work. Every day, work towards one step on your list. Just one – keep yourself focused and get it done.

Also, don't let obstacles get in your way. e.g. if your goal is about fitness and your gym closes, that doesn't mean your goal's down the drain. It just means that your steps need to change: going to the gym after work three times a week transforms into setting aside 20mins at home to do booty band or home HIIT workouts. If you take this approach with every hurdle that comes your way during this hectic COVID19 season – you might amaze yourself with how well you can adapt.

Believe in yourself. 

Listen to how you talk to yourself in your mind. What kinds of things do you tell yourself? Are they helpful and productive? If not, check that every time it happens and reframe.

I feel like a huge thing is that you have to believe in yourself, and in what you want to achieve. You have to believe that you can do it. If you’re just saying it, or telling yourself “I probably can’t do it”, you won’t. Fake it ‘til you make it. Everything that I’ve achieved, I’ve believed wholeheartedly that it’s going to happen. That’s when it starts coming to fruition. 

Surround yourself with likeminded people.

There’s this quote that Emilee and I love: “Never be the smartest person in the room.” This is why I like LA, and so many of the people I’ve met there. People have big goals and big energy, which motivates and inspires me. I love being around people like that.

Make connections, be open to meeting people who can help you, and never ever be scared to ask questions. At a time like this, we are all practicing social distancing but want to keep connected – online communities are such a great way to do this. I have my own, The Tammy Fit support group, where my app users talk about all types of things from starting out with fitness, to being a mum or needing inspiration for their week. You should join!

Another thing to think about is who you surround yourself with (online and offline). Are they a positive or negative influence? What kind of things do they say to you? Do they believe in you? You can 100% influence yourself and your own success by choosing who is allowed to influence you.

Healthy body, healthy mind.

You can’t move forward with goals when you’re not feeling grounded in yourself, physically and mentally. Fitness is such a big part of that. In the app you can set your fitness goal (lose, gain or maintain) and the app will tailor its recommendations to get you there. Working out regularly, eating nutritiously and hydrating constantly will give you what you need to smash your goals.

Don’t be scared of failure. 

Everyone fails, but it’s how you act once you fail that matters. Get back up and try again, always. Self-isolation is going to be a trying time for all of us – it's more important than ever to roll with the punches, forgive yourself when things don't turn out the way you planned, and refocus on getting where you want to be.

Last of all: Track your progress.

It’s so important to be able to reflect on your goals, what you’ve done to achieve them, and to see how far you’ve come. For example, if you had a goal to do your first booty program, try taking a photo of yourself before you start and compare it to afterward. Even if nobody sees the photo but you. These photos are often what make progress real for us. They can help you really celebrate the change in how you feel and how far you’ve come. 

Another thing I think is important is gratitude – to yourself for doing the work, and to the people around you who help you get there. 




Here were my 2020 goals:

One of my goals for this year is expanding Tammy Fit a lot more (we have big plans this year) and growing the team. I also have some personal goals to do with meditating – I haven’t been doing that as much as I’ve wanted to lately, and it’s so good for you. I also used to read so much more so I want to get back to reading more books – like before bed, and stuff. I've created goals for myself around that, and have already asked for book recommendations to keep me accountable.

So, what are yours? Take this time to write them down, share them to #tammyfit and make them happen!! 


xx Tammy