Manifest & meditate into 2021

Whether 2020 was the worst year of your life, the best or floating somewhere in-between, it's important to set intentions for the coming year as well as remember the struggles and triumphs of the past year. Here are a couple ways to leave the negative in the past and look forward to the future.

It’s important to spend time alone, reflecting, meditating, and writing on successes and struggles of the year. Appreciate the ups and downs of all of it. Find the few graceful things you liked about the year, admire the spiritual growth the turmoil gave you so that you can bury that resentment in 2020 and walk clear-headed into 2021. Set aside time in your day to complete this to set good intentions for this year and let go of the rest. 

🌟 Light a candle, cause we trying to manifest good vibes.

🌟 Get a journal handy, yes it will take a little bit of work.

🌟 Meditate for 5 minutes. Find time to get yourself entered and ready to start the process, use your favourite guided meditation.

🌟 After, write down 5 – 10 big struggles that you had last year. If it involves other people, don't focus on their input, just what you learned, how you handled it. Could you have done something differently? What do you commend yourself for?

🌟 Next, write down 5 – 10 big successes from your year. If you’re one of those people prone toward beating yourself up and think you don’t have any successes, spend at least thirty minutes finding some. It’s always easy for us to beat ourselves up, but you’ve probably achieved more than you know and you deserve the credit.

🌟 Write down ten intentions for this coming year. Not resolutions. Resolutions are usually unrealistic goals matched by inconsistent behaviour. An intention is a gentle, present-tense stretch goal. Make it realistic. Whatever seems realistic and doable as a stretch goal is the key.

🌟 Read them out loud, yep. It’s important to hear yourself saying it. Fold the paper, put it in a special box or place in front of you and meditate for 10 minutes on your intentions. Go through each intention and feel the feeling of what it will be like to achieve it.

🌟 Take a minute to thank last year what it has taught you. You've got this.


xx the Tammy Fit Team