Meet Ryan Evers: The outdoor trainer behind Tammy Fit boxing workouts

Want to get to know Tammy's boxing partner, Ryan Evers? A lot of you have been asking about Ryan after he worked with Tammy to release solo and partner boxing workouts in the app. We sat down to talk motivation, boxing workout benefits, and why he's so passionate about fitness.

Ryan Evers has been in the industry for over 8 years. His workouts always contain a high-energy mix of boxing, bodyweight, circuit, agility, and of course, HIIT. He’s also known as one of the best PTs on the Gold CoastHe’s the owner of outdoor group fitness company Forever Fitness and a father to young daughter Finlay. 


How has your relationship with fitness evolved since you started?

I’ve always been an energetic person with a love of sport, but I never imagined that it would become my career. I guess it ended up being a natural progression when my passion became my purpose.

I've been in the fitness industry now for over 8 years. Both the industry and the lifestyle around it is forever evolving which is super exciting and motivating to be a part of. Being a part of making someone healthier, fitter and happier is so rewarding.


What do people often struggle with when they start boxing?

Technique and coordination. But both of those things take time and practice to get right.

If you can focus on those two things during a boxing workout then you will benefit the most from it. After time, those two things should become more effortless for you.


What’s your biggest personal motivation when you work out?

Since becoming a father, my health. Being healthy for my daughter and family is always number one.

I think it’s a natural thing to really start to take your health and fitness seriously as you get older. I just love feeling good and having the energy for life! Two-year-olds are very exhausting, haha.


💪 Fun facts: 💪 

🥊 We partnered with Ryan to create solo + partner boxing workouts in the app for both beginner + intermediate boxers. Try them out in the app!

🥊 The beginner workouts are equipment-free, so you can do them anywhere.

🥊 To pair with these workouts, Saski have released the Knockout Collection.

 What are your thoughts on working out alone, vs with a partner or in a group?

Completely up to you and your mood! Sometimes I love working out by myself and sometimes I love working out with mates, just depends on what you’re doing and what vibe you want.

The fitness groups that I run always have high energy which is super motivating, plus working out in groups is a great way to make friends. Then again, sometimes I just love working out alone. It’s my “me time” and I like to just focus and take that time to myself.

What’s the most important thing that you want to pass on to Finnlay?

To be grateful for the little things and to take care of your body and health. Beauty and happiness starts in your head, not in the mirror.


What’s your favourite thing to do outside of fitness?

Hang out with my family and enjoy the outdoors! I love the beach, surfing, camping, exploring and going on holidays overseas with the fam to new countries and towns. Oh, and I love eating.

What are your favourite exercises from the beginner workouts?

Partner workout: Sit up punch. It can be really fun working on your team effort and coordination.

Solo workout: Squat punches are a great full-body workout.

What should our app users look forward to in our intermediate boxing workouts?

I’ve included some sitting high punches, which are such a great upper body workout with a mate. I love boxing with gloves and pads with a friend because you can focus and correct your technique together – all of the intermediate workouts are great with or without equipment.

Get ready for sit-up straight jabs too – they’re an all-over-body workout.


💪 Check out Ryan and Tammy’s solo + partner boxing workouts for iPhone and Android.