Myth: You need a gym to gain muscle

This is 100% not true! Even with fancy gym equipment, it takes a lot of time and effort to build and maintain muscle. It requires lots of energy, effort and targeted exercises but it works. Home booty workouts can be very effective with the help of resistance training, nutrition and pushing yourself to do your best.


This is focused on booty gains, but this is relevant for everyone trying to build muscle no matter what target area!


5 tips for building a home booty

🍑 Invest in some equipment like ankle weights, booty bands and dumbbells. Resistance training is key.

🍑 Focus on the quality of every rep. If you are doing so properly, you will literally “feel” your glute muscle contract in each and every rep!

🍑 Decrease your rest time, we recommend between 45-60 seconds. But, the faster you're recovering, the fitter you're becoming!

🍑 Don't be scared to lower your reps and up weights! Aim to increase the weight you lift every 2-4 weeks, in small increments to avoid injury.

🍑 Ensure you are in a calorie surplus. This means you are putting away more daily calories than you're burning, and have calories left over after each workout to fuel your muscle growth.


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xx The Tammy Fit Team