Saski Edit: Look good, feel good
A lot of people love looking good when they leave the house to go out – but did you know that taking the same approach when you hit the gym can feed your positive mindset during your workout?

Creating a positive and mindful experience can start with what you see in the mirror each day. If you’re looking for some inspo when it comes to new workout gear, we’ve picked the Saski activewear pieces that will motivate you to emerge from your COVID cocoon into a feel-good workout.

Motivate yourself to workout!

It’s true that increasing your confidence feeds your overall performance, helping you get the most out of your workout. A new wardrobe can also work as a motivator to get you to the gym. When you own quality clothes that you love to wear, you're more likely to find excuses to wear them. This can help make a trip to the gym transform from a chore into an activity that you look forward to.

Jumping into your activewear can launch you into exercise mode – the same way dressing up gets you hyped for an event, or getting in your PJs can make you sleepy. It sends such a strong message to your brain – you should try it. It helps your mindset prepare to break a sweat and pump through your workout. Your workout wardrobe can do more than just motivate you to exercise, it also creates a positive vibe improving how you perceive your body and self-confidence. Form-fitting workout clothes make you feel like your muscles are stronger! If clothes are comfortable, you'll have a greater sense of fluency about your movement.

If you're in clothing you associate with running fast or lifting heavier weights, your brain signals you to embody those qualities, giving you that extra push to work a little harder.

Our current fave Saski outfits:

🌟White sports bra and high waist leggings

🌟Charcoal sports bra and high waist leggings 

🌟Dusty pink mid waist leggings and sports bra

When you feel good, your mindset shifts to a place where self-care becomes important to you. You should always feel 100% comfortable and supported (physically and mentally) in your workouts!

If you’re looking for more motivation to start healthy habits right now, check out our blog piece on kickstarting your goals for all the inspo we get from Tammy.

xx the Tammy Fit team