Tammy’s #1 at home exercises that target side booty
Those little rolls, bumps and dips on our hips are totally normal! It has to do with where your body tends to hold fat. Some people naturally have wider hips and carry more fat around their hips and thighs, which can create an illusion of rounder hips without ‘dips’.
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The most common advice to smooth out our side-glutes (or gluteus medius) is to work on strengthening your glutes – specifically your muscles located closest to the hip area. But here’s the thing: while glute exercises are good at giving you a stronger and rounder booty, the reality is that there isn’t a core workout or a glute exercise you can do to completely eliminate them and that's ok! It is so important to embrace your body the way it is. However, self love and your goals to build muscle in certain areas of your body is what we want to focus on! 


We have had soooo many questions recently about how to target your side booty! So, we have picked out our fave exercises that’ll help you strengthen your glutes and reach your booty goals with the help of your mind muscle connection.

Here’s a list of our fave booty-burning exercises, designed to target your side glutes and make ‘hip day’ the new ‘booty day’. This also may or may not be a sneak peak for the new home-booty program...

*Disclaimer – you may not be able to walk after these*


Pick & choose your faves:

🍑Squat step out 3 x 12

🍑Side lunge lift 3 x 12

🍑Sumo deadlift 3 x 10-15

🍑Lying side leg raise (band optional) 3 x 15-20

🍑Standing kickback (band optional) 3 x 10-15

🍑Standing side raise 3 x 10-15

🍑Fire hydrant 3 x 10-12

🍑Bow taps 3 x 12

🍑Side lunge shift 3 x 10-15

🍑Squat w/ lateral leg raise 3 x 12


For the new home-based booty program, and with any workout you complete, making a mind-muscle connection for every single exercise is key to seeing results sooner.

What is mind-muscle connection?

It’s one of the most important factors when it comes to seeing results and growth with any exercise goals. Mind-muscle connection is all about learning to control your muscles, so that during each exercise you're really focusing on contracting the particular muscle you're trying to grow. At the same time, you're consciously allowing your other muscles to take a 'back seat'. 

For example: ever noticed that your thighs are sore after a glute workout, but your glutes aren’t? This means you need to focus on contracting your glutes more consciously during your workout, pushing through your heels (not your toes) in exercises like squats and glute bridges. You’ll feel and see the difference. 

It's one of the most important factors when it comes to seeing results and growth with any exercise program – and it’s especially important when it comes to building side-booty. 🍑


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xx the Tammy Fit Team