Stories from the Tammy Fit community: Temika Bukley
As a new mum bouncing back into a fitness routine is one of the hardest things, let alone creating a routine at all. But Tammy Fit member, Temika, has shown it's possible that you can look and feel better than ever after having a baby. From balancing a new bub to trying to eat and sleep enough, it's tough!

Temika is an amazing example that it is possible. We asked her a couple questions to see what her biggest challenges and successes were throughout her Tammy Fit fitness journey. 


How do you motivate yourself? Or alternatively what motivates you? 

My partner was a big help in getting my motivation back, he encouraged me when I would start to get lazy and push me to keep striving for my goals. Along with my son, exercising has made made a happier and healthier person not only physically but mentally! I always want to be the best mother I can and I want my son to see and have a happy and healthy mother. Lastly myself, I always keep track of my progress and seeing how far I’ve come in a little under a year makes me so proud and makes me want to achieve my goals even more!


Why did you want to share your story? And why should people share their stories? 

For me sharing my story is to help not only other mothers out there who just don’t feel themselves and help remind other mums we are sexy and we should love our bodies. I also want to help other women who struggle with gaining weight. I always see so many articles about women loosing weight but it’s not very often you see stories of someone who is struggling with weight gain. I want to show all my girls out there who do struggle that it’s not impossible, and with a little dedication we too can have beautiful curves. I think everyone should be proud enough of themselves to want to share their stories! I love seeing women kick their goals and seeing transformations and how much happier women become! It shows others that aren’t confident or don't have the motivation that we aren’t perfect and we all start from somewhere. No matter what shape or size you are, you should be proud of yourself and who you are!



How has your fitness journey impacted your mental health? 

Before starting my fitness journey I was severely insecure, I had anxiety when leaving the house from the fear of being judged because of how looked postpartum. I shut down and shut everyone out and it wasn’t healthy for me or anyone around me.  Since being in the gym and training I have never felt more confident and secure with myself than I do today. I’m eating my 3 meals a day plus snacking, I get out of the house as much as I can and I don’t have panic attacks. My fitness journey has not only improved my body, it has also healed my mind.


What was the hardest challenge you faced during your fitness journey? 

Definitely overcoming my fear of the gym. I remember the first night I went to the gym I almost threw up from anxiety and I even made my best friend join my gym and come with me to be my support. I was terrified of going in and having people see me or look at me and judge. Getting over that fear was most definitely the hardest part of my journey.



Do you have any advice for mums looking at beginning their fitness journey after having a baby? 

My advice would be to just do it! Take an hour each day or every second day for yourself and put your energy into something healthy and positive for yourself! Being the best version of yourself is the greatest thing you can do for your family! For myself, I go to the gym directly after I put my son to sleep. I used to put him to sleep and sit on my phone for hours until I fell asleep but instead now I’m utilising that time to be productive on myself, instead of just scrolling through social media. Even when your child is down for a nap, try and squeeze in a quick 15-30 minute home workout. Once you make a habit of it, I just becomes apart of your lifestyle and it’ll be one of the best choices you make for yourself!


How are you going to continue to reach your goals? 

I continue to keep myself motivated to reach my fitness goals, I see the difference in not only myself but my life and my relationship. That alone is going to push me to keep working on myself and to reach my goals. Along with the help of Tammy Fit to guide me through each session and build the body I dream of!


We are so grateful for Temika for sharing her story and cannot wait to continue supporting her as she keeps smashing her goals! 




xx the Tammy Fit Team