Tammy Hembrow: Why I created my app.

A lot of people ask me why I built an app when I was already doing so well with my .pdf programs. 

I really wanted to create a place with all the tools that I felt I needed when trying to reach my own fitness goals – there just wasn’t anything out there that did that. I had to get a lot of my own tools from different sources, or didn't have access to them when I needed it most. I figured that if I wanted it for myself, my fans probably would too. I’m so glad that I was right. 

Now I have an app that better suits not only my needs, but the needs of my audience – and it really is all in one place. Bringing my users the best value possible was so important to me. It’s something I couldn’t help but stay focused on throughout the whole process of bringing this app to life.

I'm extremely proud and I can't wait to continue to improve both the iPhone and Android apps, and build on their features with the help of our users.


The great thing about my meal plans is that they’re 100% customisable to your goals, and designed by one of my own professional nutritionists, Jessica Bippen, They work for everyone with standard, vegan and vegetarian options, which is important for me because I switch between them!

When it comes to making a cut-above-average meal plan you’ll want to stick to, my team of nutritionists know what’s up. Being able to add any extra ingredients or snacks in via the diary to keep perfect visibility around my progress is super important to me. They’re customisable, so you can fit them to your goals too.

Health and fitness really became a passion for me just before my first pregnancy – that’s when I started finding the real benefits of working out being a bigger part of my life. I don’t want women to give up after having a baby, thinking that their body is ruined or will never be the same.

The truth is that it probably won’t ever be the same... it can be even better!

Want to trial my app for free? It’s out on Android and iPhone – I’d love to know what you think.