Tammy's favourite supplements and why
Did you know your body is not able to store proteins permanently? To build muscle anywhere (especially your booty), you should always pay attention to a regular intake of protein, so here’s a crash course in Tammy’s favourite supplements and why.

Fit Pro Whey

Another great option is Women’s Best 100% Premium Whey Protein. It has high amounts of BCAAs (which is what Tammy looks for in a protein) and is super nutritious. It's perfect to add to the protein shakes in the Tammy Fit app meal plans for muscle growth and definition.

ISO Whey

The ISO stands for “isolate” – a type of powder that has even higher protein and much lower carbs, lactose, and fat than regular whey protein. Due to its high biological value and high amino acids, the body absorbs it fast – great for anyone looking to level up from regular whey.

Protein Bars

Packed with fiber, they’re perfect to take with you whether you're at home, studying, at work or even just on the way somewhere. It took Womens Best 16 months (seriously) to find this perfect balance between taste and nutrition – and we're glad they did, because they're a hundred percent delicious. If you're on the iPhone app, you can even add them in as a custom meal to keep your calorie counter accurate.

Protein Cookies

Cookies. Need we say more? With over 21g of protein per box but less than 1g of sugar per cookie, these creamy little sweet treats will help you meet your protein mark without even trying. Again, if you're on iPhone, add it in as a custom meal to meet your macro goals.

Protein Spread

This spread is a protein-packed alternative to regular hazlenut spreads, or say peanut butter. You can spread it on toast, dollop it in a smoothie, or even use it in cooking! This spread has fine cocoa from Brazil and freshly roasted hazelnuts – but most importantly, the palm oil used in it is from sustainable and controlled sources so it’s as good for the planet as it is for your sweet tooth.

Vegan Protein

Tammy loves going plant-based wherever possible, so this protein is her new fave – not to mention it’s perfect to use in the app's vegan meal plans. While regular whey protein uses cow’s milk in its process, this blend is 100% vegan and based on pea and rice protein.


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