The benefits of makeup to look and feel cute during iso
When lockdown shut us all down, our daily routines took a hit. Makeup is a big part of most of our daily routines, but now that we aren’t leaving the house, why should we bother? The other day I was feeling super creative and decided to practice my makeup and have some fun. This made me realise how much I missed the process and how I feel when I am all glammed up.

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Why is makeup so important? 

Creativity, routine and relaxation! 

Doing my makeup makes me feel 1000 times better on days when I feel lazy and unmotivated. My mood is boosted and all of a sudden I am glowing inside and out. This form of creativity for me reduces restlessness and gives me control over my isolation experience. Even if it does include the kids running around, taking a moment to focus on myself can be really restoring. I have been able to sit down and be inspired while practising winged eyeliner which is my current struggle! 

Structure is crucial for our mental health in such crazy and uncertain times. Jumping back into this routine can be just as important as getting up and getting dressed. A routine allows us to feel safe and secure, so continuing our previous skincare and makeup rituals can be our way of feeling confident and centred. 

The creativity that we can source from being stuck at home provides us with an escape with meaning. Staying inside can be quite suffocating, however, when we take a more positive perspective, we have time to work on ourselves.  This situation can be a blessing in disguise, so take this time to reflect, breathe and have some fun. 


I’m not leaving the house, so why am I so glammed up? 

Whether you are FaceTiming the girls, using Zoom for team meetings for work or university, or having your first virtual date, freshening up and applying makeup can get us feeling a new type of ‘normal’. 


Here are my three super simple go-to looks for all of my online calls:

Soft, natural glam for morning meetings! Super quick & easy 💓

⭑ Wispy lashes

⭑ Peachy cheeks 

⭑ Nude or pink lip 

⭑ Glowy foundation

⭑ Soft pink eyeshadow 


Drinks with the girls! Get creative and have some fun 💋

⭑ Winged eyeliner 

⭑ Clear gloss with a pink liner

⭑ Strong cheekbones 

⭑ Glitter on the eyes 

⭑ Highlight everywhere!


Date night glam! Enhance your natural features 🌟

⭑ Bronzeee

⭑ Bright under eyes   

⭑ Matte foundation   

⭑ Inner corner highlight  

⭑ Defined brows  


You can take this outlook on makeup and apply it to whatever creative outlet you have. Find one, allow time for reflection and make isolation your time to focus on you and your creativity. 

xoxo TH