The best ways to treat yourself and survive Easter in iso.

Easter is only days away and I can literally hear the chocolate screaming out for me. Should I cave in and push away my fitness and nutrition plan this weekend? Will I eat my feelings in iso? Or will I keep up fitness, workout and stay away from any unnecessary sugar?

I really won’t be able to tell you my answer 'til after the weekend. The kids will be surrounded by chocolate, but I do not want that temptation everywhere as I start a new week. 




Here’s how I recommend surviving the Easter weekend:


Snacking a little differently. 

You’re already stuck at home and bored. More often than not, that will make you gravitate towards snacking throughout your day. One person may consider chips and chocolate a snack, but others might think of a snack as a Greek yogurt and an apple. It is crucial to understand and identify the purpose behind your snack desire. Whether you are not drinking enough water, or are not eating enough during your main meals, it is important to understand your body. Our nutritionist Jess says that “choosing to indulge in a treat once in a while isn’t going to derail your efforts.” But for more regular snacking, here are a couple of guidelines to snacking when working on your fitness and nutrition:

🍡  Choose whole foods – minimally processed or totally unprocessed 

🍡  Include lean protein and/or healthy fat to stay full and satisfied 

🍡  Tune into hunger cues. Are you actually hungry or are you just tired and bored?

🍡  Consider your portion size.nacks shouldn’t be the same size as a meal

🍡  Drink a minimum of 2-3 litres of water per day. You’ll be amazed how much your cravings drop when your body is hydrated. 


Balancing sweet and healthy. 

You probably should not have three bunnies, a pack of eggs and six hot cross buns, but it is OK to treat yourself during Easter. Balance is best and it is all about moderation. Chocolate and other sweet treats can most definitely be a part of your Easter celebrations, but it shouldn’t replace eating clean and healthy throughout the holidays too. Our nutritionists do not take the “never eat junk food” approach – it’s so much more important to develop a healthy relationship with food, and your body, instead.

In such a crazy time, it’s easy to boredom-snack distract yourself from what is going on, especially when we have more time on our hands for self-awareness. Use this time to focus on more important things like taking care of yourself, and not that Lindt chocolate bunny making eyes at you at the grocery store. 


Treating yourself.

Feeding your sweet tooth healthily can be a struggle, which is why Jacqui Toumbas from Miss Bliss and I have made a selection of healthy treats in the Tammy Fit app to make life easy. We’ve just dropped four new recipes in time for Easter, and would love to know what you think of them.


✨ Open Healthy Treats in the app ✨

Cooking your own food allows you to have a greater understanding of the levels of salt, sugar and fat that you are consuming. Preparing your own sweet treats not only allows you to indulge, but it also offer a healthier alternative to store-bought sweets. 

Easter isn’t just about chocolate. It is all about enjoying each other’s company. Whether you are surrounded by family, at home with your dog, or you are killing it solo – stay active, cook and just enjoy the time you have to relax and reflect.