The Hembrow Sisters' 2020 Fitness Goals

Tammy, Amy and Emilee set their fitness goals together for the coming year.


Tammy: Strength 💪

"Building back up my strength a bit. I’ve gotten a little bit weaker, which can happen – you can have setbacks with your strength, you can have to go lower with weights.

I’m focusing on building that back up right now. I want to get super strong, so I can carry Emilee around everywhere."


Emilee: Tone 🔎

"My goal would have to be working on my core, like my waist, and toning up. I have a bit of cellulite that I’d like to get rid of at the gym. I’d like to eat healthier and make it a little less jiggly."


Amy: Consistency 🗓

"My goal is to start being more consistent with my working out. Right now I’m doing it here and there. When I’m feeling lethargic I’ll do something from Tammy’s app.

I want to start one of Tammy’s app programs and follow it through lightly with fewer reps, and fewer times a week. That’s my goal, and you guys can follow my progress."


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