Two women who are inspiring us on International Women’s Day
This year for International Women’s Day, we’re all about body positivity. Here are some of the women who have been inspiring us this month...

 Content warning, babes: body negativity + eating disorders + self-harm. If you’re struggling with anything in these stories, here’s a listing of localised support hotlines here to talk and support you, anytime.


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“In Tammy Fit, we try to let people know it’s not just all about being skinny or losing weight, that we want you to feel confident and strong in your own skin, and that means something different to so many people. The amount of emails that we get from people …. just reading them and seeing the effect that the app has had on their lives and to be able to help guide them to a more healthy lifestyle is amazing for me.”Tammy


Rachel Norton (@rachael_norton

Rachel was in hospital battling for her life with anorexia, among other mental health issues. Triggered by a family holiday, her disorder spiralled out of control through restrictive eating.

I was just insane. Looking back now, I spent so much time fixated on my calorie counting app that I couldn’t even go to sleep the night before without planning everything that I was putting into my mouth.” – Rachel

After spotting Tammy’s IG, Rachel asked her doctors if she’d be allowed to start following the fitness plans. It was a huge obstacle for Rach proving to her family and medical team that she could begin to exercise again in a healthy way – but Rach’s commitment to approaching the structured weights-based program in the gym won them over.

Today, Rachael exercises five times a week using the Tammy Fit app, and is happier than ever. She has not only transformed her body and health, but her entire life and mindset. She credits her decision to exercising with the app (along with therapy) with helping her recover from a suicide attempt in 2017:

“I could be having a really low day but I’ll just be like, ‘OK, I’ll go sweat it out’... Just getting the endorphins going, it just takes your mind off things, so I think working out definitely helps.”  Rachel

We think that there’s so much to be learned from Rachel’s journey using the Tammy Fit app as a tool to recover from both physical and mental health problems. We also couldn’t recommend more her strategy for staying body positive against the odds: Surrounding herself with a strong support network full of people that want her to thrive.

“If I am having a bad day, I think about all the lovely things people say and it just motivates me even more to go to the gym and use Tammy’s app.”Rachel


Sarah Wright (@sarahhwrightt)

We hear a lot of success stories, but this one really stood out from the crowd. In modelling, Sarah was forced to follow a strict diet, endure constant scrutiny of her body and even avoid building strength and fitness to keep within an ideal body type. Sarah shared her story to promote more diversity in the modelling industry – and of course, we love her for it.

In her modelling days, Sarah made sure she never picked up a weight at the gym and obsessively limited what she ate, resulting in her being the smallest she’s ever been.

 “I was never in a really bad mindset or anything, there were no eating disorders, but I was just very strict on myself, for a young person. To be worrying about that.” Sarah

Last year Sarah made the tough decision to stop modelling, realising that industry expectations didn’t align with her personal goals. It was then that Sarah joined us on the Tammy Fit app – beginning with Gym Booty V1. Within two months, she achieved SERIOUS results, including a newfound love for her body.

 “I have a completely different outlook on my body. When I was modelling I never thought I was good enough,” she said. “I would just pick myself to pieces in my mirror. To think that I’m a bit – I wouldn’t say bigger – but I guess more built, and to look in the mirror and really like how I look and appreciate it more I feel like that says a lot.” Sarah

Rachel and Sarah, you’re both absolutely killing it. Happy IWD, everyone 💕