Why booty bands will level up your home workout

Booty bands aren't something that I found until a few years into working out, but I’m so glad that I did. I’d recommend them to literally everyone. Here’s why:


You can use them anywhere. 

I get so many DMs asking me if you can see the same results with my home booty workouts as you do with gym booty. If you’re using booty bands, the answer is yes.

They’re also amazing for the gym. Most people need the flexibility of being able to get a really good workout anywhere, anytime. With booty bands, if you're busy, you can just have them on you. 



Anyone can use them. 

Beginners can use them and also more advanced gym goers – you can change bands and up your resistance level to suit wherever you’re at. 

My own booty bands have three levels – pink for easy, grey for medium and black for the most resistance. I’d recommend that beginners start on pink, but it’s important to have different bands there for when you get stronger. Also, different resistances can work for different workouts and exercises.



They add resistance. 

Adding resistance takes your workout to the next level, and booty bands are perfect for this. My favourite booty band exercise is bow taps:


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