Working out from home essentials
Most of us have adjusted to shifting our fitness routine to whatever works in our home or backyard. These key essentials will keep you on track and let you continue your fitness journey. These are seven workout items that everyone should have on hand for a variety of exercises.

Yoga mat 

Investing in a good, thick yoga mat is a great way to keep from laying on the hard dirty floor during your workouts. It will keep your muscles, joints and bones from aching, by giving that support and compression needed throughout movements and stretches.

Booty bands

Resistance bands are a must in a home gym, they take up very little room, and are extremely versatile, and cost effective. They come in a variety of resistance levels from very light to extremely heavy making it so that you will always have an option to challenge you. 

Set of weights

Whether you prefer dumbbells or wrist or ankle weights—either way, it’s the best way to take your workout to the next level. The easiest way to keep challenging the body from workout to workout is simply to add a bigger load and more weights to the exercise. 

Foam roller 

Take advantage of the benefits of foam rolling and incorporate the practice into your post-workout routine. After a good workout it is so important to stretch and recover properly to help prevent injury or sore muscles. A foam roller is something that helps sore muscles but rolling out any tightness or pressure points.

Quality sports bra

Invest in an option that will properly support your chest. Once you find a style you like, make it easy on yourself and stock up in a variety of colours!

High-rise leggings

High-rise leggings are by far the most flattering style on all body types. Feeling your best while you work out will motivate you to finish the session strongly.


xx The Tammy Fit Team