Protein Bar (12 pack)


Probably the most delicious protein bar in the world.

  • 4% of premium protein per bar
  • Sensational taste
  • High amount of important dietary fiber
  • Low amount of carbohydrates and fat
  • Perfect protein supply at any time (for in between, when studying, at work or at the gym)

    Sensational taste. Amazing nutritional value.

    After a development time of more than 16 months, Womens Best have managed to find the perfect balance between sensational taste and excellent nutritional values. More than 34% of easily-accessible protein supply for your body anytime and anywhere.

    Its especially high dietary fiber and low amount of carbs and fat make this bar a perfect addition to my app's meal plans. If you're on iPhone, you can even add them in as a custom meal to keep your calorie counter accurate whether you're at home, studying, at work or on the way somewhere.

    Tammy x Women’s Best


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