True Beauty (WB X TAMMY)


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Unique collagen drink for skin, hair and nails!

  • Contains the scientifically proven PEPTAN® collagen
  • For radiant skin, thicker hair, stronger nails & healthier joints
  • Refreshing mixed berry flavour
  • Smoothes the skin, reduces wrinkles & can reduce cellulite
  • Contains high-quality hyaluronic acid

Looking after your body from the inside.

Environmental pollution, aging and harmful ultraviolet rays can damage collagen fibres, limit hyaluronic acid production and reduce water content in our skin. This dehydration can cause our skin to look tired and wrinkled.

Unlike most beauty products which work only on the surface of the skin, the “True Beauty'-drink works from the inside out.

Women’s Best rely on the scientifically proven effect of the premium branded raw material PEPTAN®.

Thanks to the combination of PEPTAN® collagen with particularly high-quality hyaluronic acid, essential minerals and vitamins, the beneficial effects of the True Beauty are truly unique. Tammy’s collagen drink contributes to a radiant skin, healthier joints, thicker hair and stronger nails.

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