I want to teach women how to train for their goals and use food as fuel so they can work towards being stronger, healthier and happier.

Tammy launched her personal brand on Instagram before the birth of her first son Wolf in 2015. Dedicated to a lifestyle that allowed her body to look and feel its absolute best, Tammy has spent the last few years perfecting her workout techniques and nutrition programs, working through two pregnancies along the way.

With a phenomenal social media presence of 8 million plus followers on Instagram and over a million subscribers on YouTube, Tammy’s success is attributed to her honest and open approach to all of her social channels, which has allowed her fan base to connect with her on such an intrinsic level. Tammy’s rapid rise to popularity is a testament to her hard work and commitment to the lifestyle she has chosen — the admiration of her fans comes from a desire to learn from her and her range of personally designed programs that give real results.

I don’t want women to give up after having a baby, thinking that their body is ruined or will never be the same. The truth is that it probably won’t ever be the same, but it can be even better!

Tammy’s main motivation is to share what she’s learned along her own journey with women all over the world. Her fans inspire her to keep pushing further and she hopes to give back to her loving and supportive followers by sharing knowledge, experiences and expertise to motivate and inspire them to take that next step into the gym — or complete that final repetition during a workout.

Tammy recognises and admires a woman’s inner strength, determination and ability to do extraordinary things. She wants you to know that changing your lifestyle through fitness is one way you can take back control of your life.

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